Greetings from the Principal

At Nordic International School, our teachers strive to provide every student with the opportunity to develop their potential, reach their goals and pursue their passion.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website and I encourage you to visit Nordic International School to discover what we can offer your child.

Janet Lewis

Promoting active and responsible citizenship

Our purpose, to form conscious leaders with a purpose in life, capable of innovating and solving complex problems to contribute to a world with well-being and equity.

Our aspiration, is to create a multicultural and bilingual educational community, where each student feels safe and capable of discovering his or her path to personal development, active citizenship and happiness.

Educational Philosophy

The Nordic educational philosophy is based on the idea that each student is a valuable being with unique talents. In pedagogical practice, this translates into personalized attention, respect, guidance, support, positive discipline, and formative assessment. The main task of the educational community is to help students discover their talents and develop their full potential in a safe and stable environment where exploration, experimentation, and making mistakes are permitted.

The goal of this type of educational system is to cultivate good individuals and citizens with the necessary competencies to pursue their purpose with motivation and effectiveness, actively participating in and influencing society in a positive manner, and capable of living harmoniously in a globalized world.

To achieve this, an integrated vision of education is required, one that promotes values and the development of multidisciplinary and socio-emotional competencies, indispensable for facing the challenges of the future.


We promote a culture of well-being through good practices of coexistence and behavior. Additionally, we encourage healthy habits to take care of our mind, body, and emotions, such as sports, yoga, mindfulness, and healthy eating.

Habits of autonomy are important for achieving academic success and for positively interacting with peers. Autonomy forms the basis of a healthy self-esteem and allows for continued independent learning throughout life.

The Nordic educational philosophy emphasizes the importance of collaboration versus competition. Competition can have a motivating effect in some areas, such as sports or gamified exercises, but it should not dominate the educational process. We do not believe in rankings, but in supporting each student to reach the goal.

Empathy forms one of the pillars of life in society as it allows us to recognize the needs and feelings of others and provide support, considering that each person is the protagonist of their own life and responsible for their learning process.

We seek to build relationships of trust based on responsible and transparent communication, being consistent in what we say and do. Trust is also built on mutual respect and recognition of the importance that all members of the community have in our educational system.

We are lifelong learners and seek continuous personal and professional development with common goals aligned with our purpose and aimed at serving the progress of our students. We value the exchange of ideas and differences of opinion as opportunities for growth.