Socioemotional Education

Socio-emotional education is a key component of comprehensive education. By focusing on the socio-emotional aspect, we ensure that every child develops self-confidence and the ability to learn, self-awareness, and self-regulation, as well as the ability to form healthy relationships through empathy and collaboration. They also develop the capacity to recognize and defend their rights and the desire to actively participate in society to build a more just and sustainable world.

We also recognize the strengths and successes of each student. While mistakes are a part of learning, it is essential to celebrate achievements, even the small ones. Our focus on positive education centers on identifying and enhancing these strengths, thus promoting self-esteem and each student’s ability to reach their full potential.

Our curriculum, in line with the values of Finnish education, is based on each student’s right to fully develop as an individual and as a member of society. We value not only academic performance but also the transversal skills that are key to success in life. Therefore, the teacher’s role is to create opportunities for success and foster a supportive environment.

To assess our students’ progress, we use innovative tools such as the See the Good! application. This Finnish app allows us to recognize a wide range of skills and store evidence of them in a personalized portfolio that motivates and acknowledges students’ progress. This fosters self-awareness and the development of self-esteem over time.

Academic excellence

We strive for high academic standards to prepare our students to compete globally.

We have a solid structure in our pedagogical processes that allows us to work efficiently and achieve high learning standards for our students through our subjects and projects, as well as international certifications that provide them with the opportunity to pursue higher education both nationally and internationally, including universities in Europe and North America.

We are associated with the British Council as a Cambridge International School, preparing our students for the IGCSE exams, which provide them with international academic standards. Additionally, they obtain English certifications such as PET and FCE/CAE, reaching an advanced level by the end of their schooling to meet the demands of a globalized world.

Significant learning

We design projects that address real and relevant issues to create motivating experiences and challenges that are resolved through collaborative work and creativity.

Our projects result from a structured and creative planning process among teachers from different subjects. We recognize the importance of balancing disciplinary learning to establish a solid foundation and build interdisciplinary knowledge, considering the competencies to be developed as well as the interests and knowledge of the students, making them active participants in the process.

We integrate trades (such as carpentry, textiles, agriculture, ceramics, and others) and experiences outside the classroom to generate meaningful experiences that open spaces for reflection, debate, and spark creativity. Our students learn to seek, analyze, and process information, becoming critical thinkers and making responsible use of technology.

Personalized education

We promote an atmosphere of care, support, and close guidance in the classrooms to create spaces of trust where students feel complete freedom to experiment, learn from mistakes, and unleash their curiosity. They are encouraged to ask questions, feeling heard and valued. Additionally, we have tutoring spaces where students’ concerns are addressed and common interest topics are discussed.

We help each student discover their strengths, interests, and talents, ensuring they are in a constant process of self-discovery and wonder that keeps them motivated throughout the learning process and in constant collaboration with others.

We have a student support area to address individual learning needs, both academic and socio-emotional, to help each student reach their full potential. For behavioral issues, we have a psychology department that provides ongoing monitoring and individual plans in collaboration with the parents.

Leading teachers

Our teachers participate in an ongoing professional development program that includes training in pedagogical and socio-emotional topics, as well as classroom observations with continuous feedback.

Additionally, we collaborate with digital platforms from Finland to strengthen teaching competencies, allowing us to research, reflect on, and evaluate our pedagogical practices to generate new learning. This approach fosters professional learning communities that enhance our training process.

Wellbeing culture

We are committed to the well-being of our students and their environment, as well as the progress of our school and community. We strive to interact in a respectful, empathetic, and transparent manner, valuing all individuals equally.

Our primary resource is our people, which is why we promote a cohesive community with fundamental principles that define our relationships. We share a common purpose: seeking comprehensive, excellent education for our students.

Our culture defines our principles and the way we interact within our community, valuing the diversity of ideas, communicating respectfully and transparently, and working with structure to achieve the best outcomes in our students’ education.

Creativity and innovation

Focusing on 21st-century skills will enable our students to thrive in a constantly changing world. In a world where creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, quantitative reasoning, and logical thinking will become increasingly important, these skills are essential.

It is estimated that 90% of future jobs will require STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics). To this end, we have partnered with the best Finnish programs to foster curiosity in science, mathematics, design, and architecture from early childhood.

English immersion

From the initial stage, 85% of our classes are conducted in English. This early immersion not only facilitates the natural acquisition of language skills but also benefits brain development during this critical developmental period, improving efficiency in executive functions.

We also offer support programs designed to maximize each student’s potential in a fully immersive environment.

Additionally, we have incorporated digital tools to further enrich the effective English immersion learning experience starting at age 4, providing our students with access to interactive and adaptive resources that complement and reinforce classroom learning.